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Are You Effectively Using the Internet to Promote Your Business?

What if...

  • What if you could put your company name in front of your customers and hundreds of sales prospects with a different attractive message each month? A message they look forward to receiving.
  • What if you could steer these people to look at your web site, instead of waiting for them to find it on their own?
  • What if you could see exactly who reads your message each month and in what detail?
  • What if you could quickly see which newsletter bounced and why?
  • What if you could do this without lifting a finger, at a very affordable cost?

That's what we do for you. We design and produce distinctive monthly E-mail newsletters for you and manage the entire promotional campaign, including writing the copy and providing you with a comprehensive follow-up report for each issue, right away.

Professional Newsletters Are The Answer

Whatever you do these days, the Internet is involved. You have a web site, but not enough people to please you are visiting it. It is extremely cumbersome to change your web site every month to give it a new look and include new information.

A series of professional Newsletters can provide you with the opportunity to keep your company name in front of your customers and prospects with a different message each time.

Mailings can be monthly, weekly, or whenever you desire. Each newsletter is personalized with the reader's name. Pictures galore can be included, and each newsletter contains a way for the reader to contact you easily.

Direct mail advertising has proven itself over the years to be very effective, but it is expensive. Now the Internet is replacing the postal service. Using E-mail Newsletters the postage is free and there is no printing cost. Your unique newsletters will be individually tailored and can be mailed to different lists each month or multiple lists with different messages.

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