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No More An Island is the story of a family and a town and how they changed dramatically during the turbulent decades of transition between WWI and WWII. America was changing and the South resisted the change. Family traditions and long-standing habits had to change to cope with the progress of transportation and communication, but it wasn't easy for the Southerners.

The book is a trip down memory lane, an eye-opening description of family life as it really was in the South, and a unique insight into the prejudices of ordinary people.


No More An Island

Jake Johnson, born dirt poor on a farm, moves to the nearby town as a teenager, and proves himself to be an astonishing automobile salesman, at a time when cars and trucks begin to displace horses, wagons and trains. He elopes with Mary Lou, the sheriff's daughter, during a hilarious escapade. Jake becomes a leading citizen of the growing town, and Mary Lou becomes a social leader.

The town, Oakswood, grows and morphs into a new mold, and the new generation discovers that Yankees aren't really that bad after all.

The exploits, disappointments, infidelity, fun and antics of the members of the large Huggins family provide an ongoing backdrop of human interest that will keep you entranced from cover to cover.

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