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If you need written copy for business promotion, or for your own satisfaction, or just about any purpose, I can write it for you, and guide you through publishing it or making it easy to get over the Internet.

Some of the things I am doing and have done for many clients include:

  • Ghost Writing - articles, web copy, entire books, pamphlets, publicity.
  • Practical advice about how to spread the word you want to spread.
  • We write custom newsletters for you, design and produce them, send them to your email list, and report to you exactly how they performed.

Busy business owners and managers don't have the time to write and create professional-looking email newsletters. Yet we all know that direct mail and direct email newsletters work. They keep customers constantly reminded of you. They create new customers. They provide a controlled platform for publicizing what you want your prospects and customers to know.

You may have a beautiful, informative website, but absolutely nobody will visit it if they do not know it is there and how to get there. Email newsletters are an ideal way to drive them to your website as well as convey timely information.

We Perform - You Reap The Benefit

We do the work for you. Just give us the chance to talk with you to determine what message you want to get across, and what the strong points of your business are -- we will take it from there.

Email Newsletters

We can write, design and produce individual custom newsletters or an ongoing campaign of email newsletters, and manage the campaign for you. We use CONSTANT CONTACT, the world's largest web-based system for sending emails. You can do some or all the work yourself, or we will do the work for you. We maintain your email list and send your newsletters to everyone on the list, or only to selected portions of the list as you choose. Countless studies over the years prove that repetition is vital for customers to pay attention, so an ongoing campaign is a much better investment than an occasional newsletter.

Your HTML and/or plain text email newsletters can be sent to selective lists, and personalized with custom fields, like a person's first name, and more. We can include hyperlinks in the email, directing readers directly to targeted areas of your website and to other web information pertinent to your sales message. Each newsletter contains easy to use information on how to contact you, including direct click links.

Elegant Email Campaign Performance Reports

After each newsletter is mailed, we provide you with a detailed report. The dynamic report can be accessed as often as you desire, so you can track the progress along a time line, and it includes:

  • Who received the newsletter
  • Who did not receive it and why (bounces)
  • What time each recipient opened and read the newsletter
  • Who clicked on each link and at what time
  • A summary of performance and complete "drill-down" details

These performance reports make it easy for you to determine quickly and easily which parts of the newsletter have the most impact, and which articles are of the least interest, so that you can refine your marketing approach.

Email Campaigns Save on Postage & Printing Costs

Printed Direct Mail newsletters and ads have been proven over the decades to produce good results. Readership reports after the fact, however, are difficult and expensive to produce. There is no easy way to know who read the material and who did not.

The email newsletter will produce the same results as a postal mailing, or better, with no costs of printing, postage and mailing. The Internet sends your newsletters immediately and free. Reports indicate that email newsletters show a significantly better response than postal mailings.

Traditional postal mailings still have their place though. In order to send an email newsletter to someone, you must have their email address, and such lists cannot be rented legally as is the case in USPS "snail-mail." Our e-mailings utilize a double-opt-in method that assures compliance with Federal anti-spam regulations.

Ghost Writing

I work with you to outline, write, and distribute your desired book, article, pamphlet, tweets, blog copy, and social media postings.

We can do it all over the telephone, regardless of where you live and work. You can view the work in progress and the finished product via email.

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