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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a proven way to generate continued interest in your company and help increase sales. We can help you design and deliver an effective email newsletter campaign. One of the benefits is that once we help you get going, you can manage the ongoing campaign yourself. Or, we can do it all for you -- template design, writing, database creation, production and distribution. We use Constant Contact, the leading email campaign solution. Read more...

Ghost Writing

Do you have an idea for a book? Too busy, or need help writing it? We can help. As a Ghost Writer I will help you write your book, or write the entire book for you. You remain the author, I take your thoughts and incomplete writings, and get them polished and finished. It's what many of the most successful authors do -- especially people who publish autobiographies and novels.

While writing a book can be an exciting process, it is also a daunting chore. Let us help you. You will be free to focus on the content of the book and rest assured that the wordsmithing and publishing details are being taken care of properly.

Once written, I will help you by walking you through the entire process of publishing and marketing the book.

News Releases

Done correctly, news releases can be an effective, efficient way of disseminating your business announcements to a large number of targeted prospects.

Ever notice that some press releases seem to get picked up and published but others are never-to-be-seen? That's because three things are necessary. First, it must be written and formatted properly. Editors quickly recognize an amateur effort vs a professional release. Second, the headline and opening sentence must grab the busy editor's attention. Third, each release must be distributed to the proper sources.

We can help with all three tasks. Just tell us what you want to convey. We will write the release and distribute it for you.

Website Copywriting

Chances are high that you're either in the midst of re-designing your website, or you're thinking of changing some things. If so, it is vital to focus on copywriting. We can help you refine what you have already written, or we can start from the beginning with snappy copy that keeps people reading.

Sales & Marketing Collateral

A vital part of your overall marketing program is the production of collateral sales literature and ads.

Few business executives (especially Small-Medium-Business entrepreneurs) have the time to write their own brochures. That's where we can really be of help. You tell us what it is you want to convey and we do all the work - writing, design, and coordination with the printer. All you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits.

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